Winter Tours

In winter the dogs and we are able to do what we love most and we would like to share our passion with you!

Experience the fascination of dog sledding. Travel through a white wonderland and witness the strength and the joy of the huskies. We will follow trails through beautiful forests and over frozen lakes. During the tour we can tell you everything about sled dogs, the wildlife and the nature around us.

A dog sledding tour with us will be an adventure you will never forget!

Personal Touch

All our tours are private, you only share the experience with your partner, friend(s) or family.
At any moment we can change the program to your wishes and have a very personal day out!

General information:
In combination with a tour, we can arrange transfers. They are not included in the price.
To book a tour you can send us an email or book here on our website.



The above tours and packages are just and example of what we can offer.
We are very flexible to create something that suits you, your schedule or your budget.

We can also help you with finding the right accommodation before and after the multi-day tours.

Please contact us.

You don’t find your dream tour?

Together with you we can create your very own adventure! Nearly everything is possible. Dog sledding tours at different locations, for conference groups, for special events, combined with other activities.

Contact us and we can see how we can make your dog sledding tour one to never forget.

Dress Code

To enjoy your trip even more, it is necessary that you stay warm in the Arctic winter. We provide the outer layer, but you need to make sure that you wear enough warm layers underneath.

Our recommendation:

  • Head: We provide you with a warm hat, but take a beanie and a scarf with you.
  • Body: Wear multiple thin layers of wool and fleece. We provide you with an insulated jacket and a winter overall.
  • Hands: Wear thin fleece or wool gloves. We provide you with big mittens.
  • Feet: Wear wool socks in comfortable shoes that are not too tight (sneakers, uggs, …). We provide you with nothing less than Neos Overshoes that you can wear over your own shoes.
  • Extra: In extreme cold temperatures or when you are cold very fast, it is smart to bring some heat-packs.

NOTE: We provide clothes in the sizes S-XXL and we have some sizes for children from 5-6 years old. If you have special sizes, let us know in advance so we can make sure we have appropriate clothing for you!

It is perfectly fine if you want to wear your own outer layer. If we think that your clothes are not warm enough for the conditions that day, we will tell you and find a solution so you will be warm.

If you join us on a multi-day tour, we will send you additional information which also includes a packing list.