Summer / Autumn Tours

Summer / Autumn Tours

During the summer our huskies have a well deserved holiday. We let them play in their free-running-yard and in our lake, they socialize with each other and we go on walks and camping trips. In autumn, when temperatures drop, we start to train them again. To become fit and strong for our winter tours we let them pull our dryland-vehicle over forest-roads.

Also in the snow-free season we would love to invite you to our kennel and share our passion with you. Meet our huskies, cuddle with the puppies, go for a walk or join an exciting training-run. If you are interested you will get a lot of information and stories about sled dogs, our breeding program, training, winter expeditions and lots more.

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Dress Code

Don’t forget to dress properly for the conditions in Swedish Lapland! Temperatures in this period can range between +30℃ to -10℃. Keep an eye out on the forecast and choose your clothes accordingly. It can be very nice and sunny, but it can also be windy and wet. During cold autumn days we can give you our winter-clothes so you stay warm.

Our recommendation:

  • Wear sturdy and comfortable shoes if you want to go for a hike or husky training
  • Take rain clothes with you, the weather can change fast
  • Bring mosquito repellant in the summer and early autumn
  • Be prepared that your clothes might get dirty if you want to play with the huskies